Since 2016, I have consistently worked—usually collaboratively—on developing spaces that allow for different forms of collective learning, and that transform the ways in which to view knowledge production, educational hierarchies, and learning practices in general. Encompassing a broad range of educational activities, I have taught in both academic and non-academic environments, and worked together with children, students, scientists, artists, performers, and others.

I am especially dedicated to creating safer, more inclusive, and more accessible environments for learning. I have hosted performance workshops, designed environments and frameworks for collective learning and community building, and offered training in gender inclusivity. I often work with movement practices and body-based exercises, as well as scores, writing exercises, games, and collaborative processes. I am currently engaged in a PhD research that brings together embodied learning, performance pedagogy, and queerness as ways for collective worldbuilding.

Below are listed some of the projects and initiatives I have been (or still am) a part of.

from the mud and the slime


Those dying years. It was about language and about what happens when language is uttered. How some things are said with such confidence they almost seem true. How you can adopt a voice to sound at once fraudulent and faithful. Some people use words with such certainty it bears no refute. I’ve never had this relationship to words, always stuck between languages, never grasping one as a tool to be wielded.