[the hole, the pool & the cracker]

Versed in the Void first emerged as a performance in the Turin spring of 2019, where it was developed in conversation with Amos Cappuccio and Chiara Cecconello over the tight span of two weeks. In 2020, this performance was reworked and restaged at Nieuw & Meer in collaboration with Kerem Akar and Ratri Notosudirdjo.

Versed in the Void articulates the complexities of collectivity, navigating the individual within the whole and attempting to formulate solidarity across difference. The void here refers to the inconceivability of the future, the space between any two subjectivities, and the chasm between inclusion and exclusion.

Performed by Kerem Akar, Josephine Baan, & Ratri Notosudirdjo
Analog photos by Runa Ong
Stills from video documentation by Studio Wolphi


from the mud and the slime


Those dying years. It was about language and about what happens when language is uttered. How some things are said with such confidence they almost seem true. How you can adopt a voice to sound at once fraudulent and faithful. Some people use words with such certainty it bears no refute. I’ve never had this relationship to words, always stuck between languages, never grasping one as a tool to be wielded.