2016 - present


I am a founding member of Rotterdam based collective Friendly Stalking, initiated by Wolf Engelen. Friendly Stalking is a community of practitioners working in the fields of art, design, and science, who collaborate on designing encounters. Stemming from a belief in the possibility of creating collaborative, non-hierarchical learning environments, Friendly Stalking aims to contribute to educational discourse as well as educational praxis.

Visit the website here:  www.friendlystalking.com
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image + exercises by Wolf Engelen & Sjoerd Westbroek
image + exercises by Wolf Engelen & Sjoerd Westbroek

from the mud and the slime


Those dying years. It was about language and about what happens when language is uttered. How some things are said with such confidence they almost seem true. How you can adopt a voice to sound at once fraudulent and faithful. Some people use words with such certainty it bears no refute. I’ve never had this relationship to words, always stuck between languages, never grasping one as a tool to be wielded.